January 2018,

Datab continues to be a partner with Compuware. Compuware took over ISPW Technologies as well as Standardware some time ago and since they already have local representation they have also taken over the customer base. Datab now have a different partnership which entitles us to continue marketing ISPW. 

July 2016, Real Time Defrag for DB2 (RTD/DB2) is now available.

INTERCHIP AG is announcing that RTD/DB2 is now aviailable. RTD/zOS is already wideley used and now Interchip, the creator of RTD/zOS is introducing RTD for DB2 (RTD/DB2). RTD/DB2 is a revolutionary new software product which provides all the benefits and features found in RTD/zOS and applies these to DB2 DASD volumes.

RTD/DB2 processes DB2 datasets in real-time under the control of DB2. Exclusive serialization of DB2 datasets is performed by DB2 services.  As a result of this, 

  • RTD/DB2 can process DB2 datasets not currently allocated by DB2. 
  • RTD/DB2 can process DB2 datasets currently allocated by DB2 which are not actively in use by a DB2 transaction.
  • If a DB2 transaction tries to access a dataset being processed by RTD, the transaction will wait until the dataset is available (i.e., RTD processing of the dataset has completed).
  • The transaction will not be terminated due to "Resource Unavailable".

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